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See our stylish range of personalised jewellery. Our name necklaces, monogram necklaces and personalised necklaces are custom made especially for you.

Message on a Necklace is the perfect gift for expressing your love and appreciation. This video explains why Message on a Necklace is a special gift idea.

What's in a name? There is a special connection between your name your purpose and your soul. Watch our video to discover more. This is a true story.

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Message on a Necklace: Unique Personalised Jewellery and Gift Sets

Message on a Necklace takes pride in creating personalised jewellery that will make you look gorgeous and feel amazing. See our range of name necklaces, monogram necklaces and personalised bracelets.

Our Message on a Necklace gift sets will make that special what is binary options person in your life feel sensational.

Message on a Necklace: Personalised Gifts

Imagine how incredible it would be to see that special person's face light up with appreciation as they give you a big warm hug to say 'thank you'.

Message on a Necklace is a thoughtful gift idea that allows you to touch that special person's heart. We provide the perfect personlised presents for making the person feel loved, cared for and appreciated through the power of the written word.

Picture yourself feeling a deeper sense of love, happiness and fulfillment in your relationship... With our personliased jewellery gift sets you can write your own personal love letter or a meaningful message to someone that you love or care about. The message is then printed on a tiny scroll and inserted into a glass vial pendant. The pendant is placed on an elegant sterling silver necklace of your choice. This allows that special person to wear your heartfelt message as a symbol of your love. A larger copy of your message is beautifully presented through a display window on a keepsake necklace box.

Communication is the key to building a connection between two people. The words you use in your love letter or meaningful message can have a powerful impact. Words are the building blocks of our relationships... your words can inspire love... your words can communicate affection... they can make someone laugh... they can encourage... your words can right a wrong... your words can mend a broken heart... your words can arouse...they can motivate... your words can give someone hope... your words can sweep that special person off their feet... your words can melt someones heart.

The Problem

Many people find that choosing unique gifts for someone can be quite a challenge. You may not know exactly what that special person wants and needs. It may be difficult to find a gift that suits their tastes. Of course, no-one wants to give someone a gift that will go unwanted.

Wouldn't it be great if you could personalise your gift to suit that special person's tastes?

The Solution

A Message on a Necklace allows you to tailor your message to appeal to the unique the needs, wants and desires of the recipient. Your message allows you to make the recipient feel like the gift was designed just for them.


This is what one of our customers had to say about the Message on a Necklace personalised gifts, "I knew the moment that I saw the Message on a Necklace website that this was a gift that would mean everything to my amazing better half. I relished with excitement from the moment I placed the order until that balmy spring morning of our anniversary. The very moment Traci unwrapped it, I could see the tears in her eyes, I knew that I had made the perfect choice. What made this gift so incredibly different in such a meaningful way was that I was able to put my feelings into words that she could carry with her wherever she went, and to her, that alone was priceless." ~ Wayne (USA)

Feel The Joy of Giving...

Remember back to a time when someone else made you feel amazing with their words, perhaps it was the first time they said, 'I love you'... or perhaps they complimented you on something they noticed about you... maybe they gave you reassuring words of support during a difficult time in your life... remember how good they made you feel... now imagine giving that feeling to that special person in your life...

Imagine how exciting it would feel to give that special person in your life a gift that moves their heart and sweeps them off their feet... Think about how incredible it would feel to see their facial expressions come alive with excitement... as they receive your Message on a Necklace... a gift that truly comes from the heart.

Think about how incredible it would be see that special person feeling so happy... and loved... and cared for...

Imagine feeling that intense sense of joy and accomplishement that comes from 'giving' to a person that you care about very deeply...

Message on a Necklace is the perfect way to make a memorable impact on the person you care about.

Here is what Samantha had to say about the Message on a Necklace personalised presents, "I want to thank you for such a wonderful product as the Message on a Necklace. What a wonderful way to make someone's day. I got this set for someone in my life that had no idea the impact they had on my life. I was finally able to tell them how special and loved they were and to do so in a lasting and beautiful way. I am so glad to have been able to do this. My friend was absolutely blown away, she was brought to tears and we shared a very special moment. Our friendship is stronger than ever! This is much better than  just writing a letter becasue it is something that can be kept with you all the time and others can see it too, without being privy to the information that is in there! No other gift set I have seen offers such a wonderfully accessible token of love and caring. I now wait for another perfect reason to order another set!!! Thank you endlessly!"

Learn more about a Message on a Necklace or make someones day by placing an order for one of our personalised necklaces. If you have any enquiries or custom requirements, please feel free to e-mail us if you have any questions. It would be our pleasure to assist you.

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